Q: Will classes start in person in September?

A: YES! We will be offering a hybrid program while Covid precautions are in place. Dancers who wish to dance in person will be able to experience in person instruction with us, following protocol emailed out to all registered families. Those who aren't ready yet need not worry! We will have all classes set up for Zoom instruction so our Zoomers can connect and learn along side their classmates for the season. 

Q: Will there be an online option if we aren't ready to come in?

A: As stated above, yes. We will have every instructor equipped to instruct hybrid classes so every dancer can be a part of the Elevate experience.

Q: Will my child have to wear a mask while dancing?

A: Every person entering the studio will need to be wearing a mask. However, once in the classroom, dancers may remove their masks while in their boxes. All of our classroom floors are taped out with 6' x 8' staggered boxes to allow for distancing while in the classroom. If instructors need to utilize space outside of the boxes, dancers will be instructed to wear their masks. 

Q: Will you be limiting your class sizes?

A: Per building codes, we already operate at less than 25% of each studio's capacity. We set our class sizes at a number that is comfortable for our instructors to manage while providing plenty of space for our dancers to fully move around as needed. While we will not need to limit class sizes, we are making changes within our lesson plans to keep our dancers distanced as much as possible in the classroom. With our current class sizes, this can easily be done so your dancer is getting the best training AND staying safe and healthy. 

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